Once I started removing weeds from my garden, flowers begin to grow. It wasn’t easy for me to cut off people that I had gotten used to, but once I realized what my goals were & who could be a possibly hinderance, I had to! My happiness is way more important then keeping people around who don’t have the best intentions for me.

When you get to the point where you’re just tired of your situation, you’ll know. With that you’ll know exactly who you need to remove too. Don’t hesitate. Just let them go. You may notice a sudden drop in “friends” once you start moving towards your goals…and that’s ok! Real friends tell you the truth and support your positive visions. If someone can not support your visions, you don’t need them! Stop allowing people to dictate your happiness.


Lack of support is so common. You are not the only one who feels they have no one or just a few around when you’re really trying to make your dream a reality. I feel like this ALL the time. Instead of me dwelling on who hasn’t, I begin to think about who has. Out of your 100 “friends”, you may have 5 who really are supportive of your vision. Now and days people won’t support you unless you already have a buzz behind your name. That’s crazy but it’s true. Sometimes people even realize your skillful work, they just refuse to support you out of jealousy. Let your haters be your motivators. Take all of that negative energy and create something positive. Don’t allow these negative people to come into your life once you make it either. They should’ve been there when they had the chance. Have enough strength in yourself to be your own support system. For everything you lack, you have a gift that makes up for it 100 times more!

When people neglect your journey, that’s ok. It is your journey and everyone is not meant to take it with you. You were created to be so much more then the box you’ve put yourself in, and definitely don’t let others put you in a box! I’m learning to not hold grudges because people are going to do what they really want. When they tell you they’re going to do something and they don’t, you’ll just be aware next time. If people want to support you they will. If people want to be there for you they will. No conjunctions.

Your efforts will pay off. Your hard work is not unnecessary and it is not being overlooked. Don’t ever allow other people to make you feel like it is. Don’t feel like you’re behind on your journey. How can people define what perfect timing is when they aren’t walking in your shoes? The only perfect time is God’s time. Something that man has no control over. Don’t regret anything. Make everything a learning experience because it is. If it didn’t kill you it made you a better person. People being unsupportive of you may be the greatest blessing you could receive. Rocks go through fire to become diamonds. There’s a diamond in you, just make it through the fire first.

Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor