maxresdefaultThis video is one that I found very interesting.Why is it that black culture is only accepted when white America accepts it?  This is something I have thought about a MANY of times before. When the twerk teams twerk, it’s seen as repulsive and distasteful. Let Miley Cyrus get on stage and twerk, everyone thinks it’s cool then! If it wasn’t cool when the black girl did it, why is it cool when the white girl does it? Let a black man drive around with big rims on his car. Oh, he’s definitely a thug! He probably sells drugs or something. When the white man has big rims, he just simply has money. There’s nothing else to it. Those are just a few examples of how this world works. It’s sad that we are so advanced in technology, yet our minds still remain in the 1800s.

Let me know your thoughts on this!

Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor