Born Anthony Torres in the South Bronx, Nu Jerzey Devil is a rare breed of artist who possess the ability to write, produce, DJ, and film his own projects. The youngest of six siblings, Jerzey learned from a young age how to play with words in order to have a desirable impact on those around him. At the age of four, his family moved to Atlantic City in New Jersey, where his love for Hip Hop grew into a full blown passion. At the age of 18 Jerzey got his hands on his first set of DJ and production equipment. He began mastering the craft of Djing and music production.

Within a short time of branding himself as a producer, he received an invitation to work with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and inevitably signed to his company; Darkchild Production in 2003. By signing to Darkchild, Jerzey’s career as a producer, received a major boost. He began working with the most talented and relevant artists in the industry. Alongside Darkchild, Jerzey also began scoring the soundtracks of the 2003 Universal Pictures film “Honey” and the Miramax film “My Baby’s Daddy”. During his time with Rodney Jerkins, Jerzey was able to gain a better understanding of how the business side of the music industry works. He kept the momentum of his career going when he began working with Scott Storch in 2007, who essentially became Jerzey’s mentor. Through Scott Storch, he learned the recipe of making a hit record and was able to continue producing on major projects.

A faithful encounter, during Jerzey’s stay in LA, introduced him to a young rapper who had just gotten signed to Aftermath Records, by the name of The Game. The pair instantly connected and hit the studio, recording “The Black Wall Street Anthem”. Through the bond he made with Game, he was able to tour with him all over Europe, Africa, and Australia; not to mention touring throughout the United States. Nu Jerzey Devil found himself, performing in front of thousands of fans in packed out arenas, gaining an enormous fan base.

In 2010, Jerzey ventured in the world of cinematography by starting his own film company called LiveliHood Films. He worked as a Associated Film Producer for Lil Wayne’s “The Carter” DVD released in 2009. Jerzey began branding his film company and has directed music videos for countless independent artists, as well as directing his own music videos.

Having worked with major producers such as Cool & Dre, Rodney Jerkins, Scott Storch, and Dr. Dre; and collaborating on songs alongside such artists as Lil Wayne and Neyo, afforded Jerzey the type of experience other artists only dream about. He released the following projects back to back in order to appease his fans: “Art Of War” mixtape in 2007, “Mr. Red Karpet” album in 2009, “Say Now” mixtape in 2010, “Behind Closed Doors” EP in 2011, “Mr. Red Bottoms” album in 2011, and his latest album “From The Bottom To The Top” which dropped summer of 2012. “From The Bottom To The Top” spreads a positive message of being able to overcome any obstacle that stands before you and emerge victoriously.

The future holds a promise of continued success for this young producer/artist/film maker! He has a drive that propels him to achieve any and all goals he sets for himself. He is humbled by all the fans he has been able to obtain throughout the world and thankful for all the support he has received from his peers and family members. Moving at the speed of light, be sure to follow Nu Jerzey Devil on his rise to super stardom!

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Twitter: @NuJerzeyDevil

Make Sure you go cop his latest album “From The Bottom To The Top” now available on iTunes.

      Nu Jerzey Devil Interview - 29_07_12 - Nu Jerzey Devil Interview - 29_07_12

Take a Listen to the interview We Had With the Very own Nu Jerzey Devil, in This interview we ask him about L.A,The Ladies,New Videos,His 2 Favourite Songs off his album,Something you might not know about him,His Best advice,What he has Planed next in his career And more. Also who he thinks is a Real Game changer in Today’s music industry, For All you Toronto People Take a Listen to Why he Thinks Toronto’s Very own Drake is Todays Game changer, Shoutouts To Toronto! And Big Shoutouts to Nu Jerzey Devil Nuff Love and Support we wish you all the best in your career and cant wait to see what you do next! and for you to possibly come out to Toronto Soon!


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