As a young artist that has seen the hardships of young men struggling to make it past 21 Kris Staxx stands amongst the lucky. The music he records and the topics discussed appeals to the young and old as well as people of all colors and nations. His music is a representation of life so when people listen to what he raps about an image in their mind becomes present. A noticeable man with dreads and tattoos, Kris Staxx remains adamant about breaking into the music industry & still staying true to making quality music.

Many may already know Kris Staxx from being one fourth of the rap group The Teknitionz based in  California’s very Diverse ” Bay Area”  But now he has emerged as a solo artist w/ a very unique style & Delivery .His most recent Mixtape titled ” Ball Till i fall “( Now available on iTunes ) is a display of his versatile musical talents & an underlining example of his growth and dedication to music.

With his  new single ” Favorite Girl”  ( Available on creating a definite buzz in the bay area as well as the east coast . Being successful for Kris Staxx means pursuing his individual aspirations and establishing a solid foundation. The idea of being able to hold down his own fort as an artist and being recognized simply as  Kris Staxx. He Himself  is a major factor in his own grind. Kris Staxx asserts that he is relentless & will seek success until he is none the less “successful” & will still strive to be the best at what he does.

Don’t be surprised to find out that this California native is not the biggest fan of West Coast ” rap although he does respect artist coming out of the West Coast. Kris Staxx admires hip-hop legends Tupac Shakur , The Notorious B.i.G. & Jay-Z & many but studies the craft of newer artist like Lil Wayne , Drake, Eminem , & Kanye west. who have seen success across many spectrum’s of the industry.

As one of many artists to come out of California Kris Staxx admits that there are roadblocks such as standing out and making a significant impression on his fans. His main goal is to get commercial success but maintain quality music while bringing attention to California’s “Bay Area”. As Kris Staxx creates music for all he hopes to be welcomed into the homes of all people who appreciate good music.

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