photo 3There’s a new celebrity guest to be featured on season 2 of the hot new show Empire.

There have been rumors flying around about who will be featured in the new season of Empire and the fans have been crazy. People have name dropped a few famous A-listers from Oprah to Diddy to Queen Latifah. But with all the speculations, Lee Daniels, the writer and creator of the hit show, gave us a tease.

Chris Rock! He will be placed as a fellow inmate to Lucious Lyon.


SPOILER ALERT! If you remember in the season finale Lucious was arrested for killing his close friend and Cookie’s cousin Bunkie. Chris Rock is speculated to be Lucious’ cell mate. All we can say for sure is that Rock is definitely on the show, and he is definitely in prison. As for the reason he’s in prison or if he is actually Luscious’ cell mate has not disclosed.

Lee Daniels little teaser has the fans going wild, and increased further anticipation of Season 2 of Empire.

Will you be watching? Let me know what you think of the new addition to Empire in the comments below.


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