tory-lanez-drakeToronto native Tory Lanez has been stirring up in the past few years due to his musical talent, but it seems now that he may be making a name for himself. Lanez became the topic in the streets back when he was a teen, when he publicly challenged famous rapper/actor Drake by putting up more than 10K (of his own hard-earned money) if the rapper didn’t like his music. Fortunately for Tory Lanez, Drake liked the tunes.

Of course with Lanez being a native from Toronto, people are going to compare the two Canadian artists. Some even suggested the artist even took a shot at Drake. Lanez tweeted he didn’t appreciate people referring to his hometown as “The 6.” It isn’t the first time Tory Lanez took a jab at OVO leader Drake, since Lanez recently freestyled, “I know these n*ggas about to act scary. T.O. n*gga, only spitting without the Blackberry.” And yes, the talented Drake did rap from a Blackberry on Hot 97 before.

Tory Lanez seemed to make light of any rumors about beef he had with Drake. Apparently the upcoming artist didn’t want to draw negative attention to himself. As far as the freestyle, Lanez did not directly answer if it was specifically for Drake or not.

Author: Dejha.C ~ Contributing editor