Some would say you wouldn’t know if you live under a rock, then you’ll have those who may understand different music interest. Ultimately if you have no idea that Beyonce is in the middle of “THE FORMATION WORLD TOUR” your missing out on a major piece of urban culture news! You need incite quick! Not only is Beyonce referred to as the Queen, and continuously maintain’s her rightful position. But she is the exact representation of a true artist and worth every bit of money spent.
Since April 27th 2016 Beyonce has been making her rounds from states to countries, and fans have not yet been disappointed. In many cases fans have doubled the experience and seen her twice in two different states! Reports have shown there has been some mishaps that could have interfered with the shows.However, the “o so reliable” Mrs. Carter never let these minor setbacks be an Inconvenience to her performance! Proving this to be of accuracy on Thursday September 29th a rainstorm hit Philadelphia and weather reports displayed the rain would last a week long time span. Some thought the concert would be cancelled due to the conditions of high winds, low temperature rain, and consistent downfall, they thought absolutely wrong!


The show went on and Beyonce fans were elated rain and all! Instagram post from fans expressed, “I had the time of my life”, ” I would see Beyonce in the rain any day!”, “I loved it so much I forgot it was raining”, “Even in the rain it was the best concert!”. This is the type of enthusiasm and thrill that keeps fans wanting more! Artist like Beyonce should not be overlooked, but mirrored for professionalism at its best!

Two last concerts left are scheduled for October! October 2,2016 in Nashville, Tennessee and October 7,2016 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Tickets can be purchased through! Don’t miss your chance, your sure to be in for a treat!

Author: Santi.L ~ Contributing editor