For the second season in a row the Golden State Warriors are on their way to the NBA Finals. The series they played against the Oklahoma City Thunder was a moment defining one. The Warriors found themselves down 3-1 in a series against a team with a lot of fire power. However, the Warriors overcame adversity and rose to the top. They won three games straight to make themselves the Western Conference Champions.

Last night’s game 7 was very easy to keep up with. It was another game with powerful dunks, a lot of three point shots, and had a very fast pace. The Thunder seemed to be in control for the first half, it ended 48-42 in their favor. Even though the Thunder were up at halftime, the momentum seemed to shift to Golden State because of Stephen Curry’s buzzer beating layup over three Thunder defenders as the horn went off to end the second quarter. That seemed to give the Warriors some spark.

The second half was the Warrior’s. They outscored the thunder 29-12 in the third quarter. They shot 47% from the field and hit 6 out of 12 three pointers in the same quarter. Curry scored 9 points in this period, hitting three 3 pointers in a row. The Warriors ended the third quarter on a 23-6 run to go up double digits going into the fourth quarter. The Thunder shot 26% during the third quarter and went 0-7 from the three point line.


The fourth quarter was Curry’s. He scored 15 of his 36 during this period. The Thunder would eventually make it a close game again, bringing it within 4 points with just under three minutes to go. However, some clutch free throws by Curry and some sound defense from the Warriors all around sealed the game. The Warriors secured their NBA Finals spot with a 96-88 win.

Klay Thompson also had a good game, adding 21 points for the Warriors. This is what he had to say after the game according to ESPN, “We’re the best road team all year, and just think back to what makes you so great. You watch some clips of yourself having success against this team. That helps a lot. But I never try to look into the past and think, oh, if we blow this, what a historical collapse. There is no need for that.” They went in to the game knowing they had history on the line, but still focused on the bigger picture at hand, another NBA Championship.

The Warriors will take on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the final series of the playoffs. It is expected to be another intense and fast paced series filled with highlights and great moments. The series starts on June 2nd. Golden State has the first game at home, it will start at 8 P.M. on Thursday.

Author: Jordan McAllister