The Toronto raptors are coming off a good overall win, and a couple great contributions from there top players against the Miami Heat. Game five was a good confidence builder for Toronto. They defeated Miami 99-91, but the final score wasn’t the only uplifting part of their night. Toronto’s talented backcourt consisting of DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry, poured in just under half of all the points Toronto scored for the entire night. The two guards combined went for 59 points on the night. The 59 points between them is tied for the most they have scored together in a playoff game. The first time was against the Brooklyn Nets in 2014. DeMar DeRozan had 34 points and Kyle Lowry had 25 points to go along with 10 rebounds. This was a big night for Lowry, as he hasn’t been shooting well this post season. Lowry is shooting a low 33% during these playoffs, despite averaging 15 point so far throughout. Last night Lowry shot just 34% from the field, but 44% from the three point line going 4-9 on the night. DeRozan shot the ball well on the night going 11-22 and staying at a solid 50%.


Toronto was also happy with Bismack Biyombo’s performance. The big man proved to be a force in the paint, finishing with 10 points, six rebounds, and four blocks. When asked about the big man’s presence on the floor, this is what DeRozan had to say according to ESPN, “I think it speaks for itself. The energy that he brings on both ends is amazing. Especially when he did the Usain Bolt [celebration]. That type of thing gets us going, honestly. When Bismack is out there just being himself, showing his charisma, that kind of gets us going”. Toronto has the confidence, and the lead a 3-2 lead in this series. The only thing keeping them from advancing to meet Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals is a win tonight against Miami on the road. Game 6 will take place tonight at 8 P.M.

Author: Jordan McAllister