Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers has been known to have on and off nights this season. He has made a name for himself and proven himself time after time in the past, but for whatever reason he hasn’t been torching the competition night in and night out. During last night’s game against Toronto, Love showed why he is included as a piece of the big three in Cleveland.

Love was coming off a 4-14 shooting night from the field in game 4 with just 10 points. Last night he finished with a game high 25 points. He also shot 8-10 from the field and added 2 blocks and a steal. The best part about his stats in last night’s game was that they all came in just under 24 minutes of game time. Love had helped put the Cavs up by 40 points, which let him and the rest of the starters get some good rest in the fourth quarter. The final score was 116-78 putting the Cavs up 3-2 in the series.

When asked how Love got in a rhythm for game 5, he said it had a lot to do with a phone call from teammate Channing Frye. He said Frye gave him confidence and reassurance. This is what Frye said to Love before the game according to ESPN, “Live in the moment, first of all. You’re 27 years old, you’re playing in the Eastern Conference finals. We don’t care if you 0-for-25. Just be aggressive, make an impact on the game and go out there and play hard. Let’s get a win”. Love said that this call was something that he needed, it kind of opened his eyes again and helped him lock in.


Coach Tryonn Lue has been wanting to get Love more involved and make him more of an impact player since he took over the team as head coach a few months ago. He believes Love has the skills and mental toughness to help the team reach their goal of winning a championship. Love and Lue have had private conversations as well conversations in front of the team. They are said to a have good relationship. It also looks like Lue might have a Kevin Love that is now ready to take control and put up numbers each night for the rest of the playoffs.

You can’t count the Raptors out yet but it isn’t looking good for them going back to Toronto for game 6. This game will take place May 27, 2016 at 7:30 P.M.

Author: Jordan McAllister