Rick Ross Preparing for his Birthday Party

Rick Ross Preparing for his Birthday Party


Rick Ross celebrated the BIG 4-0 Thursday night in where else, his ATLANTA mansion!! If you tried to guess who was all there, I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to mention everyone that was there. When I say everyone was there, I literally mean everyone and their mom was present at this party. As social media is calling it, a STAR-STUDDED party it was indeed.

With this party being the hottest party of the year so far, it was only right to have the right DJ there, which was no other than Jermaine Dupri himself. That’s not the only star that had some recognition. Some other attendees were Monica Brown,  Joseline Hernandez, Yo Gotti ,Keri Hilson , Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Diddy, LeBron James, and the list goes on. The list goes on to as far as politicians, athletes, and some of his most powerful friends.

With some of the biggest celebrities and stars attending this party, that wasn’t the half of it. He mentioned to “GQ” magazine

Every hour they’ll be something new unveiled for the crowd, just to keep everyone excited”. 

That wasn’t the end of all of the surprises Ross had for his party guest. He had at least “1,000 bottles” of Belaire Rose, which cost $30 a bottle. Rick Ross spent $30,000 on sparkling rose alone.

From the sounds of things, and how big his party was, Rick Ross seems happy as hell to be the BIG 4-0. From Rick Ross himself “I’m f*cking happy to be f*cking 40. I’m really f*cking happy.”

Happy Birthday Rick Ross!!

Author: Jazmyne .W ~ Contributing editor