Well Well Well! It Seemed like the cats was let out of the bag yesterday night! Nicki minaj accepted her Best Hip Hop video at the MTV Music awards, The 32 year old rapper called out 22 year old Miley Cyrus on stage due to a comment Miley had said about her in the New York Times. After Nicki Minaj thanked her pastor , she then turned around and said ….



The whole crowd was in shock ! Not only was the female rapper’s diss harsh but many were starting to think that this was probably staged. Miley responded in a unbothered fashion saying… 


Although her response was not as harsh as Nicki’s , Miley shown us that not even a little call out can get to her while out on stage! 

My Question for you guys is Do you think this whole thing was staged? Or is it as real as it gets?? Comment down below with your response! 

Author: Raven.S ~ Contributing editor