Stacey trash

Just when we thought she couldn’t get any more ignorant, Stacey Dash stoops to an all time low!

On Wednesday, our favorite dark white girl sat down for another “clueless” interview with Fox and Friends to give her opinion on the backlash that the Oscars’ is receiving for it being an all white affair this year…because it never has been any of the years prior.

According to Ms. Dash, if black people want to be integrated, they should obliviate things such as BET, The Image Awards and get this…BLACK HISTORY MONTH! The title of that movie fits her so well. Black Twitter apparently hasn’t gotten wind of this. Ms. Dash seems to labor in the field of “bitterness.” She was just banned from Fox a month ago for stating: President Obama doesn’t give a s###.”  I feel so bad for this woman’s offspring. I really wish they would stop putting people like her on air, but of course they won’t. She’s saying everything they want to hear!

Ms. Dash, we get it. You wish you were white sooooo baaaad. Unfortunately, the odds were not in your favor. My advice to you would be to just get over it. You’re an almost 50 something year old woman still whining about why Kunta Kinte deserved to get his foot chopped off. When the race trade comes, you have to be the FIRST to go.  Gary Owen is starting to look better and better.

Watch her stupidity in entirety below. 

Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor