You think things are messy now with the whole Sage and Jordin break-up and him trying to get her back, then you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Have you ever heard the saying that “Whatever happens in the dark, will come to light”, well that saying has come VERY TRUE for Sage the Gemini!

Let me bring you up to speed. Last year Sage had a fiance’ by the name of Curium Hurley. They broke up and things got a little dirty. She went on and decided to expose Sage for him being a liar, a cheater and accusing him of cheating on her with Jordin Sparks and one of his back-up dancers while at the same time of trying to get back with her. Crazy right?!? Well things get juicier. She then went on to DM Jordin to show her everything that her and Sage were texting about.

Now we all know, that he went on to IG to try and get back his ex-girlfriend Jordin and apologizes for cheating, lying and just wanted to get her back by any means necessary. He even made a song for her called “I’ll Keep Loving You”.

So check this out, Sage never thought things would turn out for the worse after he tried to confess his love for his ex-girlfriend Jordin Sparks, but boy I tell ya, it got real messy, real fast. Today, His ex-fiance’ Curium leaked the audio of a phone call her and Sage had a few weeks ago. He didn’t know that he was being secretly being recorded! Y’all want to know how recent this was? February 7th, 2016! You won’t believe what Sage said on this phone call! He admitted to cheating on Curium with Jordin Sparks, and one of his back- up dancers.

Guess what the reason was…. Only because he thought that she was cheating on him; which he never had any proof of. He sounds a bit crazy doesn’t he?

That’s not even the best part. He mentioned that he wasn’t even feeling Jordin like that. He wasn’t really into her like that. He said that the whole entire relationship was fake and that they only did this so both could sell more albums. He went on to say that “the s*** was f***** dumb” and guess this….he wanted to stab her! What kind of mess is that. Sage then went on to even say that the relationship was boring and that Jordin never laughed at his jokes and that all they did was argue. Him and Curium never argued, he said.

He decided to make himself look even more like a jerk and said that the house he moved into, Jordin gave him $70,000 towards it. Guess the relationship wasn’t as good as we thought it was.

Curium decided to go to IG and make a post to apologize to Jordin Sparks for lashing out at her and how she should’ve been angry with Sage.

Well looks like things got messy before they got better. Here’s the full audio below. This audio is crazy!




Author: Jazmyne .W ~ Contributing editor