We all know that winning someone back in today’s time is a lot different from winning someone back years ago or in the movies. We’ve all seen the movies where the guy tries to woo back his girlfriend or wife by buying flowers, or romantic dinners or even singing in the rain. But today’s time’s are way different from that. In today’s time, people are known for using social media or interviews to woo their ex back; but mainly on social media. One person in particular is very GUILTY of doing this very thing. His name is SAGE THE GEMINI!

The rapper Sage the Gemini is trying SUPER hard to get his ex-girlfriend JORDIN SPARKS back.

Their relationship only lasted 10-months before the two called it a quits. The rapper took it to the most popular picture sharing social media site,, Instagram, to apologize and to express his feelings for the singer Jordin Sparks. With everything that’s happened, he is doing everything possible to get his girl back. Sources say that Jordin Sparks is ducking and dodging his calls since the two broke up. The two broke up the same way he is trying to win back in his ex, through Instagram.

As he took it to Instagram to confess his love and tries to get his girl back, he also started to put up old pictures of the two. Looks to me that he is really trying and wants to make things right with Jordin and will do anything possible to get her back. 

Not only is he reminiscing about the old times the two use to share. He also go a bit further and decides to do something most men wouldn’t do because their pride is too high. He puts a picture of the two up and puts a long caption and just puts his heart on the line for her.  He then goes and admits to him having jealousy issues and that was one of the reasons for the break-up. Also sources say that he made another statement saying he’s willing to change and do whatever it takes to get her back. But guess what, he takes it even further than most have to get someone back and makes a song called ” I’ll Keep Loving You”. Looks like he’s trying harder than ever to woo her back.

Sources from Jordin Sparks mention that the relationship was good in the beginning, until Sparks started having trust issues and Sage’s behavior of jealousy. In the past they were able to make things work but looks like things just couldn’t get better for the couple. Other sources told E! News that after going through a big break up with ex-boyfriend of 3 years, Jason Derulo, Jordin didn’t want that to happen again.

If you guessed it, that Jordin Sparks hasn’t made any type of comments towards this, then you guessed right. It seems as though she’s keeping quiet until she figures things out for herself.

I guess we’ll see how this plays out between the two. Everyone wants to know the answer to the big question…Will she take him back or will the two give another shot? Only time will tell for the “use-to-be” couple.

Author: Jazmyne .W ~ Contributing editor