If you think you’ve seen reality TV, then you aint seen nothing yet until you see this new reality TV show. TV One has premiered their new reality TV show called “The Big 15”. It aired on February 10th at 9pm Wednesday night.
One thing I’m going to say is, that was one HELL of a show!
It consist of 6 reality stars that we’ve all watched and grown to love but soon after the show, they disappeared and left us wondering where they disappeared to.
The reality stars consits of Claudia Jordan from The Real Housewives of Atlanta who is trying to explore new opportunities in the world. Next would be the the beautiful Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives LA, who has finally found her place in co-hosting on a online talk show. Then there was Karamo Brown from Real World Philly. He was also the first openly gay African American co-star on reality TV. We can’t forget another Basketball Wives’ member by the name of Laura Govan. She’s in the middle of pursing a different career route in writing children’s books. We also have the infamous Benzino from the famous Love & Hip-hop Atlanta. Benzino is still all about business, as he is the captin of the infamous magaizne called Hip-hop Weekly and let’s not forget about becoming a new father. And lastly we have the HBIC (Head B**** In Charge) back in the building, Tiffany “New York” Pollard.
In this show the group decides to do a new project where they put together a talk show and voice their opinions on different topics. This will give them a chance to shine and show their expertise. Think about it, we all know New York doesn’t hold her tongue for anyone and never has, so why should she start now?
Let’s see how this plays out…
Author: Jazmyne .W ~ Contributing editor