It is official people. For all you Ciara and Russell Wilson fans, the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally happened!!! After going through all the drama and horrible comments made towards the couple for the celibacy, and the ex- fiance’, Future drama, the time has come for this lovely couple.

The Seahawks and “Goodies” singer have announced their engagement this Friday afternoon. Social media has gone crazy after Ciara and Russell Wilson both announced their engagement through videos on Instagram. We all heard Russell say those words “SHE SAID YES YA’ALL!”, as she showed off the huge ring he bought her.

Under the video that Russell posted the caption said “no greater feeling,” adding, “Since Day 1 I knew you were the one.” According to Ciara, the engagement was even better and so sweet because he sent her on a “travel roulette” after Paris Fashion Week.

Moments after the video went viral, his wife-to be posted the beach side proposal with a caption of “I Feel Complete”. Russell and Ciara started dating back in April. I think we all remember them saying they were going to hold off on sex until they decided to tie the knot. I guess it’s almost that time!

With all the excitement going on about the engagement, everyone that was on the C-squad made sure they reminded her ex-fiance, Future on what he lost. Everyone started commenting on his IG with a lot of comments on how he should’ve done better and he couldn’t have bought that kind of ring. Sounds like a lot of shade to me people.

With all of this going on, let’s not forget about the stunning ring that Russell bought her. It was gorgeous.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple. We know you’ll last forever.

Author: Jazmyne .W ~ Contributing editor