Beyonce sues Feyonce Inc., a company that’s allegedly gaining coins off of Beyonce’s brand.

The 34 year old singer recently filed a cease and desist letter claiming infringement against those who were profiting from her brand on the popular diy site Etsy and now she is all but fed up with people trademarking her name.

Sources say Feyonce Inc. has sold hundreds of items which includes mugs and clothing with the popular Beyonce phrase, “He put a ring on it.”


Those in opposition disagree with Beyonce taking action against the company. Some even stating that Beyonce has no right to sue anyone as she has stolen hundreds of dance moves from popular choreographers.

Do you guys think Beyonce has a case? Should she get out of the way and let others collect their coins as she as done so successfully? Let us know your thoughts!

Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor