The Game and Meek Mill are no strangers to Instagram feuds, nor celebrity beef, and this time around fans were in for a treat! It’s no telling where these two rappers could have taken this dispute considering all that it entails. Friday September 16th Los Angeles rapper The Game acted out in anger on stage due to accusations of Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill speaking with detectives about him. Prior Sean Kingston andThe Game got into an altercation where officials had to get involved. According to The Game Sean Kingston was informed by Meek Mill that he was indeed a target, and Meek Mill personally spoke with officials about what he knew.

This spiraled out of control quickly when the two began to go back and forth on Instagram. Despite the separate sided story’s, firm in his stand point Meek Mill decided to take the higher road. Simultaneously the rapper suffered a close lost in his family and confronted The Game expressing “IM FRESH FROM MY LIL CUZ FUNERAL I CANT KEEP ACTING LIKE MY PEOPLE AINT DYING TO THESE STREETS! GET MONEY STAY SAFE AND FEED YA FAM! I REPRESENT THE STRUGGLE AND IM HERE TO SET A EXAMPLE TO SHOW THESE YOUNGBULLS HOW TO USE THEY BRAIN TO MAKE IT OUT OF THE TRENCH! JUST TELL THE WORLD WHY YOU MAD AND WHY YOU DISRESPECTING MY NAME WITH THE WORD “RAT” YOU TOO OLD FOR THIS AND SO AM I …… I WOULDA PULLED UP ANYTIME ANY PLACE BUT YOU CHOSE TO GO ON STAGE AND SAY YOU WANNA RUMBLE! THIS NOT MY LEVEL…… IM TRYNA TOUCH A 100 TICKETS!” Some were appreciative of Meek Mill’s attempt to throw a wrench in the feud, but The Game was still up in arms.

Continuing his standpoint past a diss song, memes, and continuous pictures and offensive captions, Meek Mill finally retaliated musically! Fans were waiting patiently, and reacted at a high volume when Meek Mill did what no one saw coming. He brought together a few of Philadelphia’s most respected rap artist for the diss track against The Game, on a remix for “OOOUUU” one of the hottest rap songs out at this current time!

Fan feed back say Meek Mill took this one, while following news only made The Game look even worst. Monday September 19th news reported that there’s proof that Meek Mill had nothing to do with talking to Sean Kingston, or detectives. Fans are anticipating where the two will soon stand,Only time will tell!

Author: Santi.L ~ Contributing editor