Recently some drama unfolded between two popular makeup guru’s Amrezy and Makeupshayla . It Seem’s what started the beef between the two is when Shayla kept being asked if her and Amrezy were still friends, she then took to twitter posting a number of subliminal tweets directed at her ex-bestie.


Shayla went in on Twitter by saying ”I Left my Fake Friends in 2016” , And when asked to say “her” name Shayla Replied by tweeting “But i don’t know “her” name”

Amrezy Then commented back by saying, Shayla is quick to tweet but can’t reply to texts nor have a conversation woman to woman

Shayla and Amrezy use to be inseparable, However it is rumored that the two had a falling out after Shayla and beauty blogger Jeffree Star got into a beef.

Star whose been previously accused of racism multiple times, blasted and threatened Shayla with physical violence after he alleged that she insulted another blogger, Although Shayla Denies Starr’s accusations.


To end off the drama Amrezy was just not with the bullshit she was definitely not having it and she went innnnnnnn , She didn’t subtweet,throw subliminal’s she straight called out Shayla via Snapchat saying she was ignoring her texts and not handling the situation as a grown woman. That New york side of her definitely came out to play!

Check out Amrezy’s Snapchat rant below!

Whats your thoughts on this whole situation?

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