What if I was to tell you that doctors actually made the blind see. Some maybe skeptical, some maybe familiar with this news, and some may simply believe in miracles. 20/20/20 on the other hand is a charity that tends to poor developing countries. Providing free surgeries restoring vision, the organization has an outstanding 32 partners and programs in 40 of the most destitute countries in the world.


Standing behind factors like,”60% of children die during the time frame of 1-2 years of going blind,” the organization created their own strategy. Instead of going by the cliques of surgical charities, 20/20/20 recruits local doctors/nurses and provides free training, financial aid, free equipment,and still open to traveling doctors and nurses.

With more support the organizations goal is to provide ten times the number of surgeries a mission group can for one-tenth of the cost. 20/20/20 is giving indigent countries a head start for potential self sufficiency.

Why not help those in need? For further info, donations, even if interested in a position check out the website! http://20x20x20.org/what-we-do/how-we-work/

Author: Santi.L ~ Contributing editor