A before and after picture of K. Michelle's booty

A before and after picture of K. Michelle’s booty

There is something K. Michelle has wanted to do for a long time now and she’s FINALLY done it!! She’s finally gotten her butt reduced.

K. Michelle revealed that she was giving up here “big booty days” for a smaller, more NORMAL  kind of  booty. Now there are pictures all over Instagram of her broadcasting her “new new” steamy  booty. She has mentioned several times about her regretting getting the butt enhancements. She posted a picture on IG of her smaller booty with a caption saying:

“Betsy is smaller, but she still makes a statement. Sometimes less is more. Not finished yet, but feeling liberated getting back to myself.”

In an interview a month ago, K. Michelle says that she tired of not being able to have something to wear because of her butt. She says she would have a hard time trying to fit designer clothes because of her huge butt size.

She has also mentioned that she is trying to get back to her old self again and wants to be taken seriously in the music and business world. She mentions that with her being in the music and business world, and her doing major business moves, she wants to be taken more serious and doesn’t want a man to be looking at her a** as she’s trying to talk business.

She’s happy with  the decision to deflate her ASSests and loves showing off her smaller “new new” booty.

In other news, K. Michelle makes mention of returning to Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta even though she said her time has come and gone regarding the show.

Author: Jazmyne .W ~ Contributing editor