Justin Bieber has officially joined the 21 club today — he can legally drink in the U.S. He began celebrating his special day by throwing a house party that started late Saturday evening and only got rowdier as he rang in his milestone at midnight by guzzling bottles of champagne and Corona Lights.Since it was Justin’s night, he opted to go shirtless.He also celebrated with Matthew Espinosa, Soundz, Yovanna Ventura and  Ryan Butler.

There’s no definite answer as to where Justin celebrated his 21st. Alfredo, Matthew and Soundz all posted similar pics of themselves getting on what appears to be Justin’s private jet. Soundz later posted a photo on the water. According to TMZ, Justin seemed to have rented a Caribbean Island near Grenada. Nothing has been confirmed yet — the mystery continues.

Of course, we can’t forget the Beliebers who made his birthday a worldwide trending topic.


Wishing him a happy birthday and many more successful years to come.

Author: Emma.V ~ Contributing editor