The latest in the Meek Mill and Drake feud involves Drake’s passionate fans. Last week a hearing was held for Meek’s alleged violation of probation for a 2008 weapons conviction he had. He had reportedly violated the terms due to continuously changing court dates, missing a drug test, and not getting approval when he travels, which more recently was because he went to the AMAs without asking his probation officer first apparently. Well Drake fans got a hold of this news and somehow reached Noel DeSantis, who is the prosecutor in the case and blew up her phone repeatedly telling her that Meek should be arrested. Now we’re guessing this is because of the beef that went on between the two this past summer and all of Meek’s comments and implications about the beloved 6 God since then, in which Drake fans just want to see Meek lose for whatever reason, because Drake sure is winning right now having fathered the only diss track to be nominated for a Grammy.

Before the hearing Meek took to Instagram to let fans in on a glimpse of whats happening right now


Mill’s girlfriend Nicki Minaj also testified in court for her boo stating that she wants to stop Meek from being another statistic saying that “He’s not perfect, but I can’t believe how much he’s changed.” She went onto say that she wants to prove to the judge how he is a changed man, that the judge would be impressed by his charity work and current mindset, and how she would like to coordinate all of Meek’s traveling to avoid problems like this.

DeSantis brought up other incriminating facts such as Meek’s presence on the Pink Print Tour where he Went to Toronto where if you recall he got into some trouble and of course the numerous phone calls from Drizzy fans begging for him to be incarcerated.

Well it looks like it may have worked, the hearing concluded just this past Thursday in which Meek was found guilty of violating his probation. The rapper found out the news alongside Nicki after a very emotional Meek addressed the judge, testifying for more than an hour, saying how he was upset because he didn’t get to see his mom in New Jersey after she had surgery due to him obeying his probation, he apologized to the defense attorney for calling her a bitch in his song “Ride,” and he explained how now he has his queen, Nicki Minaj who makes him feel like he is capable of doing better. Most notably, surprisingly and possibly the most stupidist thing Meek said would be that he told the judge that he is no longer a “gangster.” His sentencing hearing is scheduled for February 5th and until then he cannot leave Philly or perform.

In the end no one is to blame except for Meek himself, he has made some poor decisions this year, from calling out Drake for a childish reason to not notifying his probation officer before doing a simple action. It is messed up how the Drake fans got involved, because this really had nothing to do with Drake or their beef but rather over a conviction that is almost eight years old.  I guess the real ticker was the fact that Meek himself said that he is not a gangster but yet his street rapper persona is what made him famous to begin with, which could have understandably came across to the judge as him saying whatever he should say to get out of certain repercussions or otherwise lying in court. Meek really should start acting like the gangster he proclaims to be in his music, because saying in court that his music isn’t who is  now may make him look like a hypocrite when he does return to music again, it could possibly mean that fans might not want to hear him rap about that stuff considering one of the many themes in hip hop is honesty, and all this time Meek seemed like he was a real one, but after this who knows because it looks bad either way.

Author: Navi.M ~ Contributing editor