We may have thought that Meek Mill would know better than to start beef with another rapper after he got bodied by Drake’s “Back to Back” record, but no the rapper apparently got his feelings hurt AGAIN by fellow MMG label mate Wale. Now if you’re new to hip hop beef you may not know that this beef dates back to July of last year when Meek got upset that Wale didnt tweet out his album, which ironically is the same reason why he got mad at Drake this past July as well. He expressed these feelings on Twitter;

“Wale just ain’t gone tweet a thing about my album…. He’s been hating on me long time now …don’t even text me cornball! #UNOTMMG”

 Now to me this seems like a friendly jab but oh no it was apparently much more than that as Wale responds with a huge Instagram caption stating that Meek does not support him the same way that he does, and that he is sensitive and possibly bi-polar. He later takes back the post saying it was meaningless.

MMG boss Rick Ross played the role of a peacemaker as he told media outlet Bullet that “As soon as the tweets went out, I spoke to both of them on the phone. Those two are guys, they’re brothers… It’s all love between those two and everybody knows that.” It would have seemed that the feud was over from there, but it didn’t as Wale revisited the argument in June of this year, telling MTV that “We went through a little rough patch or whatever but that’s family. “We’re just a brotherhood. We’re both competitive. We both want to be the best.”

We would assume that Everything was going back to normal between the two until Wale decided to talk about Meek’s infamous rap battle with Drake on the Breakfast Club saying that he hasn’t spoken to Meek in a while even though he has called several times since the Drake incident. When asked about the beef he said; “I honestly think he brought a Pencil to a gun fight. He tried to paper cut him to death.” However Wale did back up his friend, going onto say that Meek “could’ve wrote Ether 3.0, and the opinions of the people would’ve been that the boy from Canada waxed him,” and He also implied that Drake’s first response “Charged up,” was a weak record and the battle between the two emcees was not fair because of Drake’s overall popularity.

Meek of course did not take Wale’s semi support in a good way as he responded to Wale’s interview with a long Instagram caption


Wale responded lightly to the post with some hilarious tweets saying that he was “looking for a roof” and posted a picture of his MMG tattoo captioned “We here permanently.” Rick Ross also comes to the rescue once again when he told fans in a snap chat video that everything was okay at the label, telling fans to forget about the “beef.” “Just got a few calls with n***as asking me about my little brothers, the squad, Its MMG forever, n***a. The empire. F**k that.”

We can never fully know if a feud is over with Meek Mill involved, but my thoughts on the situation would be that Meek Mill took it too far once again and for his hard street rapper persona he sure does get his feelings hurt a lot! Wale was just being honest in his Breakfast Club interview, when a lot of artist maybe wouldn’t be and he also defended Meek a lot throughout it. Meek just needs to accept what it is and appreciate people who are not going to sugar coat everything, and most importantly to not get upset over minimalistic things such as an album promotion tweet that he clearly doesn’t even need. Tell us what you think about this situation.

Author: Navi.M ~ Contributing editor