Khloe Kardashian unexpectedly ended her relationship with Houston Rockets player James Harden after she decided to call off her divorce from her estranged husband Lamar Odom. This came about when Odom was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel and Khloe rushed to be by his side. Khloe and Lamar decided to give the marriage another shot or until Lamar has fully overcome this barrier, because Khloe did promise to help him throughout his recovery, as well as the fact that she is responsible for all of Lamar’s medical decisions. The request for a divorce withdrawal was granted before a judge after both Khloe and Lamar signed a substantiate that asks the divorce to be thrown out.

James on the other hand did not see this coming as he reportedly found out about this through friends texting him and fans tweeting him about the situation. He seems to be doing well with this as he apparently dissed Khloe in a recent Instagram video where he sings along to “Jersey” by Drake and Future. He sings the lyrics “You do what you want when you poppin.”‘ Sources close to all three parties have stated that Harden initially was fine with Khloe dealing with Lamar’s tragedy, but thought they would still be together as a couple. Reportedly he is mad at himself for being with her after numerous people warned him not to.

Harden’s Instagram video raises the thoughts that we’ve all been thinking about regarding the Kardashians. The specific lyrics he sings can resemble Khloe using this incident as publicity as this did once again make her “poppin'” in the media, and what a better way to add to that then to call off her long awaited divorce, which is her doing “what she wants” to continue the media frenzy. Tons of backlash was met by the divorce withdrawal which adds to this speculation as a unnamed source from the hospital where Lamar was staying was quoted saying;

“Its a Shit Show. The Kardashians are trying to run everything. They walked into the hospital with cameras rolling. It was shocking, but hardly a surprise…. They are all and crying and pretending like they care.”

This should not come as a surprise as the Kardashians are known for exploiting themselves for media attention and sadly they seem to be doing this with Lamar’s situation as well, I mean ESPN notifications are reporting the reconciliation of Lamar and Khloe as sports news when clearly its not. Whats even more melancholy about this is that Lamar is much more than a reality tv star and it is sad to see the Kardashian name all over his downfall when we should be focusing on his addiction and not what the Kardashians are doing about it. I think James Harden has made an interesting assumption about Khloe and the Kardashians with his diss video what do you think?

Author: Navi.M ~ Contributing editor