In case y’all were too busy during the holidays to notice the pointless social media drama between Blac Chyna and one of her former friends, we’ve got you covered. Last week things got heated between Tyga’s baby mama Blac Chyna and Tyga’s best friend’s girlfriend Heather Sanders who also used to be a good friend of Chyna’s. Heather Sanders if you dont know already is the owner of the online fashion boutique Sorella and a new mommy to a babygirl. So here is how the beef got started, Sanders and her fiance, Tygas’s bestie King Trell took to Instagram to clown on each other, by making jokes about hairlines and photo shoots and somehow people or Chyna herself seemed to think these jabs were about her.

This made Chyna respond with saying how she had been waiting for Sanders at many locations to fight out their beef which I guess means this feud has been happening for a while now?

Chyna stated this by saying

“when I went to the mother f**kin’ place where Tyga was shooting that video h*e, your b***h a** didn’t come out there either. Shut the f**k up!”

To which Sanders replied by saying

“We’ve been waiting for you.” Heather said. “Why would I be talking about your hairline… I could start from your titties to your a**, inner thigh, knee, ankle, teeth, nose, eyebrow…”

This is just a few of the many pieces to this ongoing feud to which you can see the full videos on above. No one really knows how this beef got started but most are speculating it is because of Chyna’s detest for Sanders befriending Tyga’s new girl Kylie Jenner and we all know the drama with that situation!
Reportedly Kylie does have some feelings of her own about this situation, as a source close to her told Hollywoodlife that she was “appalled to see with her own two eyes the sheer evilness and immaturity that Blac Chyna has and that it was shameful of her to call out Heather in that manner.” The source further says that she thinks Chyna is “so hurt and lonely inside” and that she does not want Chyna in the picture because “she is a very unstable women who is jealous and doesn’t want to see Tyga happy with any other woman.”
Who knows how credible this source is but from the looks of it Kylie, who is 18 years old and a lot younger than these two ladies always seems to keep her mouth shut when it comes to the drama between her and Chyna aside from some questionable Instagram posts, which shows that she clearly is way more mature than Sanders and Chyna combined! I guess Chyna is very sensitive these days for some reason to where she would think that a chill video between a couple making fun themselves would be about her, I mean it didn’t sound like they were directly speaking of Chyna right? I mean i’ve never heard anything about her hairline being messed up and the video seemed to be kind of vague. Whatever the case may be, Chyna should not have even paid attention to it and Sanders should have taken a more mature approach to the situation so that the pointless video drama would not continue I mean y’all are mothers stop acting like teenagers over some pointless assumptions!
Author: Navi.M ~ Contributing editor