R&B singer August Alsina revealed to his instagram followers that he is battling an eye disease that is causing him to lose his vision.

The 22 year old singer made a post Friday, May 15th. The caption read, ” So I have this eye disease. Blind in my left, and losing vision in my right. In order to prevent my eyesight from deteriorating I had to do this surgery. This sh*t is beyond painful & Life be throwin’ a nig*a curve balls but what I’ve gained from it all is priceless… A lot of things that are so natural to us in life (like waking up and being able to see) we can take for granted. Thank God the OG for allowing me to see.. The good the bad the ugly, I’m just glad to see.”

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Despite Alsina going through a tough life changing situation he is still remaining happy to have the opportunity to at least have partial vision.

The singer has went through a lot in the past year and a half.

Last year Alsina collapsed during his NYC performance due to exhaustion, leaving him in a coma for three days.

Get well August!



Author: Janelia.B ~ Contributing editor