The beef continues for 50 Cent and Rick Ross with 50 throwing shade again this time when he interrupted an interview on Thisis50 radio  to discuss Rozay’s album sales for his Black Market project. “Thirty-four thousand, three-hundred, and eighty-eight copies, and you know they went and bought some. He had to buy some. Anybody would have panicked.” 50 is claiming that Ross himself went and bought 15,000 copies of his own album because album prospects were estimated to be at 20,000 and Ross may have thought that he wouldn’t make that number even though it is a low number.

In the most recent of this on going beef the last time Rozay took shots at 50 was with a very recent interview with The AP where he said  “My homies are giving promotions, we’re empowering people. We are not firing and tearing down. We’re not chasing behind actresses. We don’t get our booties licked,” he said in reference to Vivica A. Fox’s remarks about 50. “We live by principles. It’s a certain code of ethics. As men in our position, there will be problems, there will be disagreements, but as … kings, it’s certain things we don’t do.”

Now this again is silly of 50 to bring up because who knows how well his Kanan Tape will do considering he is an OG in the hip hop game at this point, who are known to not sell as many records as they have in the past, but at the same other OG’s like Jadakiss and Jeezy have reached sales of over 70,000 and 100,000 respectively with their most recent albums, so Rick might need to step his game up after selling only 34,000 in its first week

It is kind of ironic how 50 is bringing up album sales when his last album Animal Ambition, tanked last year after selling 47,000 copies in its first week, which I guess gives him the ability to say something about Ross’ project because it did a few copies better. However 50 was quoted saying in an interview with The Breakfast Club saying how he doesn’t care about album sales.

“I can’t do good. In my head, what good is because of the success I’ve had in the past, that’s so much lower. I’ve done so much that having the music that makes people enjoy themselves, that actually means something at the moment is the goal.” How convenient.“Like when you said, ‘Do you care whether you sell the record or not?’ I do care that it actually is within our culture. That it means something.”

Sooo if he doesn’t care about his own sales why is talking about Ross’ sales? Seems like a low blow to me, 50 must be very confident in his own album sales not to mention this makes him look like a hypocrite. Since it’s release Black Market has now sold over 57,000 copies.

Author: Navi.M ~ Contributing editor