From runs to riffs, Travis Garland has it all. This Texas made, eye-candy singer/musician is making a name for himself and has become quite the master at captivating others with his sultry and smooth voice. His voice is powerful enough to give life and to also take it away, leaving you breathless. This 25-year-old star is influenced by genres like pop, R&B, and soul, which are delivered to us on his Youtube channel where he has garnered over 190,000 subscribers with over 24 million views.

Aside from making Youtube videos, Garland has released three mixtapes (The Last Man Standing, Fashionably Late, and Fashionably Late II), a studio album (Ugly) and an EP (Motel Pool (B-Sides)). He has been featured on Dancing with the Stars providing back-up vocals and is currently putting in work as he is playing at shows and making new music. Looks like Beyoncé isn’t the only Texan musician who has been on the run.

Feel like you can’t wait any longer for his music? Same. But Garland has been so generous and thoughtful to leave new covers on his channel for us to binge off until his new music is released. How sweet of you, Travis. It looks like we will all have to practice being patient because patience is a virtue, right?

Check out his latest cover of Want You to Want Me on his Youtube Channel and make sure to keep track of him on social media to stay up to date about when he will be dropping his new music.

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TWITTER: @Travisgarland
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Author: Kris.C ~ Contributing editor