Kwame Katana is an unsigned rapper from Pennsylvania, We first heard of Kwame Katana when we came across his video ‘Here i come‘ back in 2013, that track is off his ‘I Just Wanna Be Heard Vol2‘ Mixtape, from there we knew he was not someone we could just over look, this guy had talent. You can hear the determination in his voice & lyrics. Since then he has put out numerous tracks and videos as well as his most recent Mixtape ‘Black Sheep‘ We were able to catch up with Kwame Katana and ask him a few Questions, Check it out Below!

1.What is your name & where are you from?
Kwame Katana. York City, Pennsylvania. West Princess & Belvidere.

2.What inspires and motivates you On a Day to Day basis?
Just the thought that maybe it could be better than where we at, at this time. That’s an Old Kanye bar, but definitely correlates to what motivates me. I want to be legendary.

3.When did you know that you wanted to do music?
I knew I wanted to take music serious in 2006.

4.If you weren’t pursuing music, what would you be doing?
Selling percs & mollies, sike na. Something creative, maybe something in the fashion world. Maybe even film or acting. I’m nice on the low I can act. S/O Cal my high school performing arts teacher.

5.When can everyone expect another mixtape/album?
I just put out “Black Sheep” Sept 30th. But we working. No more warning shots, we just bombing on niggas.

6.Where can everyone find your “ Mixtape/Album”?
You can find “Black Sheep” on iTunes, Spotify, google play, Spinrilla, datpiff, soundcloud etc. All over the net. Hard copies on deck too.

7.What’s the best advice you’ve got in the music industry so far?
“There is no right way to do it” stay consistent, keep going.

8.Who do you think is a Real Game Changer in today’s music industry?
Nipsey Hussle


9.What can we expect from you in 2017?
Legendary music.

10.What do you think is your greatest accomplishment so far?
Haven’t accomplished it yet.

11.Who do you want to work with in the future?
Rest In Peace Johnny P from Chicago always wanted to do a song with him and Twista. But everybody hopefully.

12.Have you ever thought of taking your music overseas?
Of course, I want to be international.

13.How do you, or would you deal with bad criticism?
I just roll with it, everybody isn’t gonna like you or your music. These days it’s hard to tell what’s actually criticism or just trolling. I don’t pay too much attention to it. We laugh at a lot of it.

14.What are the top 2 things you want to achieve before 2017 is done?
Really no expectations I just want to make legendary music that’ll live forever.

15. What has been going on with the Roc Nation meetings?
A lot of politics and bullsh*t. S/O Lenny S though we talk to him like every other week.

16. Where has been your favorite place so far that you have performed?
Orlando was dope.

17.What Advice would you give to anyone trying to pursue a music Career today
Got to have endurance, don’t expect the closest people to you to support you they won’t until everybody else does. But keep going anyway.

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