Supa Jones is a music manager who currently manages Hip hop artist Kwame Katana. We recently got the chance to get his perspective of the business, find out what a day to day looks like for Supa jones down to his thoughts on digital distribution to the misconceptions of an artist manager.

1. What is your name & where are you from?
I’m Supa Jones. I’m from York, Pennsylvania…. The Eastside

2.What inspires and motivates you on a Day to Day basis?
On a day to day of course my son and the money keep me motivated. But honestly the day to day isn’t my focus. I think about the bigger picture every day. I’m always thinking forward, always thinking expansion.

3. When did you become Kwame Katana’s manager? And is he currently the only artist you manage?
I met Kwame Katana in kindergarten so I’ve known him my whole life, but musically we’ve been working together since about 2008 during the recording of his first mixtape. But officially, I’ve been his manager since about 2010. Right now I only manage him but I do some consulting for a few other artists like @RyanBoanes.

4. If you weren’t his manager, what would you be doing?
Hmm I definitely would still be involved in music, because it’s been my life forever. But some of my other side endeavors might hold a little more priority

5. What is a day to day like for you?
Off the wake up I check my phone, emails, and social networks. But it varies you know? Yesterday I was on the phone for 30 minutes sorting details out for a show Kwame just got booked for in Florida. I can’t say who but an NFL player on the Kansas City Chiefs is a big fan and just booked us for a private event in 2016.

6. Whats the best thing about your job, and the worst?
The best part is doing something I’m passionate about and chasing millions with my nigga. I love the grind. Kwame makes my job easy though, because he always delivers and he works harder than any artist I know. But the worst part is probably the people that waste my time i.e. the “I can do everything for your career” scammer bozo’s. Miss me.

7. As a manager what’s the best advice you’ve got in the music industry so far?
“Trust yourself”

8.Who do you think is a Real Game Changer in today’s music industry?
Kwame Katana is prolific , he’s a game changer.. The style , the bars ,the flow …Full package and its nothing you’ve seen before. Ever. Other than him though off hand I’d say a person like Tim Vocals he’s an Ill R&B singer that I think can shake up the industry. His sound & content is mad unique in the R&B world.


9.What’s your stance on digital music distribution?
I’ve paid bills off of ITunes lol so I’ma fan, but like all things. You gotta learn the in’s & out’s to fully appreciate it.

10.What do you think is your greatest accomplishment so far?
Personally? I just finished my Masters degree this past summer. My Masters in Business Administration. That was Ill. Wore blue Levi’s, an OJ Simpson T-shirt and 40 below Timberlands to the ceremony.

11.Who decides when and what songs would be released next?
Usually Kwame has an idea for when songs should get released. But it’s a team effort ultimately. Trust me though everything is calculated. It’s December and we’re already discussing video shoots in April.

12. In the age of the independent artist/internet artist, do you think someone can make it on their own or do they need a team of professionals behind them?
Depends what you mean by professionals. I consider myself a professional, but do artist need big corporations? Na, not at all. But it can definitely speed things up. Everybody needs a team though. No exceptions.

13.For other artists out there what do you think they should look for when considering a music manager?
Has to be someone they trust 100% no questions. It’s a dirty game and a lot of people are only here to take advantage of an artist. Secondly, work with an individual who has a working knowledge of this industry. I’ve been a student of this game since I was 14, 15 and I’m still learning every day.

14. At this point in your artist’s career, what is the process for features and collabs?
Its simple hit me at [email protected] or twitter: @SupaJones or IG: @Peoples_Hernandez … or you can hit @KwameKatana. Serious inquiries only though.

15. in your experiences, what are some of the biggest misconceptions of an artist manager’s role(s)?
I think the biggest misconception is by the managers themselves. A lot of managers think the artist work for them. In Reality you guys work for each other. I help make him a star, we help each other make a million. Simple math. Also the general public doesn’t realize how much we do. My job is to assist with everything excluding writing lyrics. Booking features/appearances, Consulting , Video shoots, etc. It’s all a team effort though.

16.What do you think has played a big role in getting Kwame Katana’s music out to the world
Our grind. Simple as that. We grind like it we have nothing to lose, because we don’t. A lot of times artists think it’s below them to promote themselves publicly. Kwame sees the bigger picture, his grind is bananas 24/7 and it definitely has paid off. Also we use the internet to our advantage. I can’t give up too much game. But we get it in on the digital side.

17. What are the top 2 things you want to achieve before 2016 is done?
Hmm top 2 things? I definitely want to fill more dates up our calendar and secondly I want to get rid of this Brujeria my ex put on me ha-ha … but seriously me & Kwame have a few things in the works that I can’t really elaborate on yet, just stay tuned!

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