The Summer Set’s Jess Bowen, and The Ready Set’s Jordan Witzigreuter and Cameron Walker are coming together for a new group entitled NEKOKAT. The trio started working on their debut EP earlier this year with producer Eric Palmquist. The EP is due to be released on June 23rd and is called Communication. It will include the songs “The Reckless,” “Gimme A Break,” “Communication,” and “Don’t Be Loud.” Even though they are forming a new group, each member is still a part of their original band. The Summer Set recently started their We Like It Quiet tour for the summer with Sleeping With Sirens. Jess Bowen is proving to be a true inspiration for young women by being part of many projects and remaining true to herself. She is also proving that drums are not just for the boys. I’m excited to see how far NEKOKAT goes and if these three talented people will remain in two bands or split completely.

Author: Erin.W ~ Contributing editor