Bieber captured walking around on his balcony nude in Bora BoraBieber has been back in the public eye recently while promoting his upcoming album titled Purpose, but this week, things got a little off topic as nude photos of him were leaked. He was vacationing in Bora Bora when a paparazzi on a boat captured a nude Justin walking out of his balcony door and into the hot tub. Justin was recently interviewed, and of course the topic came up. Bieber, understandably, says he feels a little violated and also admitted that his team is working on some legal action regarding the situation with the photographer. Although Bieber admitted to feeling violated, he seems to be making light of the situation, making typical “guy” jokes about the photos in an interview. Despite this little distraction, Bieber’s album is less than a month from dropping and the outcome for it is looking very good.  Keep doing you, JB!

Author: Natalie.D ~ Contributing editor