So I’m sure we’ve all heard that the infamous, sexy, Chris Brown has just released something I think we all never expected. It was one hell of a release I must say. Chris Brown has released part 1 of his remix to his single “Back to Sleep”!!

Chris Brown is making the ladies go crazy over this remix. He has all the artist that every female loves and has dreams about. Chris has totally out-done himself whne it comes to music and selling his music. The remix includes Usher, August Alsina, Miguel, Tank, Tyrese, Bryson Tiller, and  Zayn.

Can you imagine him having all these great singers on one track? I never saw it coming and can’t wait to hear them all. He released Part 1 including Usher, Zayn and himself of course. When I tell you things got real freaky on that track, believe me when I say it did.

Chris releasing the remix to his song wasn’t the only thing social media had a field day with. They went crazy when they heard him mention his ex-girlfriend Karrueche in the midst of the entire song. He apologizes for sleeping around on her. Some even say that the names he mentioned on the song were some of the names he “supposedly” slept with while with her. Crazy, isn’t it?

Take a listen for yourself. “Back to Sleep” remix -Chris Brown ft Usher & Zayn


Author: Jazmyne .W ~ Contributing editor