Mani Coolin is a 23-year-old rising underground rapper from Los Angeles California. Before he started getting paid for shows and collaborating with people like Dreamville’s Cozz and Casey Veggies, he was simply known as Demani Brown, a normal kid going to school at Fairfax high school in Hollywood, where he would soon discover his love and talent for rapping. After working various jobs and attempting college out of state, Brown returned home to LA to start a serious career in rap, which has now blossomed into doing shows in other states to the release of his biggest project so far Hope4theyouth, which was accompanied by a movement he started for people to recognize the reliance youth need these days in order them to get involved in something and to stay out of trouble. His most recent project Fuck TV  is a more laid back, to the point record that serves as a thank you to his fans. It continues his self proclaimed sound of “Vibe Rap,” with more standard hard hitting hip hop beats with distinct simulated sounds coming in a pattern esque way throughout the production, as Mani’s abrasive affable flow kicks in with easy to decipher lyrics about some of the fun and swanky incidents he’s encountered. Aside from his chill assertiveness on his most recent records, Mani continues to produce consistent and inspiring content for his growing fan base with patience, knowing that he will make it big in the industry someday. With this being said I was glad to have a Q&A session with the rapper, as he spoke bit about himself, and his music.

*Interview with Mani Coolin’*

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself such as stuff some people may not know about you

A: I was born and raised in LA, I just turned 23 last week. I been making music for about 5 or 6 years now.

2.  You stated in a previous interview how you didn’t grow up wanting a career in rap why is that? What did you want to do instead?

A: I never thought about what I was gonna be growing up. I always lived in the moment. Luckily music found me and I fell in love with it. I mean I could’ve been anything. I could do whatever I put my mind and time in to. Music just happened to be what works for me.

3. How did you get started in music?

A: Joking around, freestyling after school. A lot of my homies at the time were really doing the rap shit. I saw them actually becoming very successful. I got more into the craft and I always had a way with words and always wrote down raps as a kid/teenager. I just decided to take it more serious my senior year in high school. That’s when I put together my first mixtape ever, which I hope no one finds on the internet lol.

4. How was it getting to work with Dreamville’s Cozz on “Free My Mind?” how did that song come together? And how did you two link up?

A: Cozz a real humble dude. Before he was even signed to Dreamville I hit him up on Twitter and told him I fucked with that “Dreams” video he dropped And he hit me back and told me he fuck wit my shit too. I was working on Hope4TheYouth at the time, and it was only right to get him on there. It was perfect timing. Him and his producer Meez came to my studio and we made that song in about an hour. Jay Kurzweil and Meez made the beat. But Cozz is the homie though. He a real one. We from the same city so we was bound to link.

5. How do you feel about the current state of hip hop today?

A: honestly it’s weak as fuck. No substance. A lot of trash is getting pumped up. But Ima just play my role. Only real shit Gon last.


6. What is your latest project Fuck TV about as a whole?

A: it didn’t have a deep meaning at all. I called it that because Television is usually fabricated with a bunch of bullshit. So I was basically saying fuck the fake shit, this is some real shit. It was just an EP for the fans.

7. What do you like to write/rap about the most?

A: shit I’m going through. Shit I relate too. Shit I saw.

8. When did you feel like you were really going somewhere with this music thing?

A: when I started getting paid. Doing bigger shows & getting fans around the world.

9. How does your family feel about your music and the career you are pursuing?

A: they fuck wit it. They know it’s a journey. My mom just wants me to follow my dreams.

10. My favorite song off the Fuck TV project is “Song About Nothing” what was the concept of that song/what made you want to create a song like that?  Because obviously from the lyrics we can tell its not about nothing

A: I called it that cuz we were rapping about bitches and swag and a bunch of shit that doesn’t mean anything. But the song is Fasho dope haha.

11. Who are some of your dream collaborators/people you want to work with who are either underground or mainstream?

A: Erykah Badu.

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Author: Navi.M ~ Contributing editor