MTNS pulls euphoric sounds in alluring agreement with songs like “Fears” and “Lost Track of Time”. The band, from Brisbane, Australia, is composed of Tom Eggert, Joseph Thiang and Robbie Hellberg. I was able to learn more about the electronically enriched band through a Q&A with Eggert.

Eggert and Thiang met through Facebook; in Eggert’s words, “The rest is history.” Their name was acquired because of a sign held at a mountain range. The sign approached the word mountains with a more concise rendition. “Just thought it was cool,” Eggert said, “Also…mountains are amazing to look at.”

Inspirations include Jeff Buckley and stand out sounds of guitars feeding back. Those sounds being appealing from a very young age. I asked what brought him to aspire to be involved in the music industry. “I think the first time I found synthesizers and was able to create a sound from scratch, that really set me going,” Eggert said, “I want every person to have a different experience from our music. I feel like lyrics have this power to say something different to every person. My motivation is to inspire others and bring new creations into the world. Just as my influences and other musicians have done for me.”

Eggert stresses the importance of collaboration by saying, “It’s an essential part of creating music. Work hard and don’t let people get you down.”

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Let the music speak for itself:

Author: Samantha.K ~ Contributing editor